Abode of Love

The Abode of Love art commission is rejuvenating Exmouth's seafront.

The Abode of Love is a flood defence in Exmouth, East Devon. It is 342 feet long, with 9 bays, intercepted by a flight of stairs leading up to the main road. It is a popular area with local residents and tourists who all use the bays in various different ways from picnics and music practice, to sheltering from the sun.

In 2019, East Devon District Council invited Thelma Hulbert Gallery (THG) to develop an ambitious arts commission for the area complementing the new waterfront developments in 2020. It was part of a wider initiative celebrating Exmouth, placing culture and creativity at its heart.

Due to Covid-19, the project could no longer go ahead, however THG and artist Anna Fitzgerald pledged their commitment to develop a creative response to Exmouth. 

Anna Fitzgerald created ‘To be continued…’a site-specific commission at the Abode of Love where the community of Exmouth including artists and designers collectively transformed the walls with vibrant coloured pixels. 

The Exmouth community were asked in a local call out to share how they wanted to shape Exmouth’s creative journey. A panel including local artist Anna Fitzgerald, designer Gary Cook, Exmouth councillor Joe Whibley, Ruth Gooding (THG) and Harriet Bates (Infusion art café) selected 60 participants from the respondents including artists, performers, musicians, writers and designers.  They were then invited to ‘make their mark’ on one of the pixels of the Abode of Love, pledging their commitment to Exmouth’s creative future.

This commission paves the way towards a dynamic, participatory public art project planned for 2021 when partners and groups will come together to help shape and inform a new commission. They will include Exmouth Town Council, East Devon District Council, Exmouth Artists and young people from Exmouth schools and communities groups.

The project has been completed. Please go and take a look.

Find out more and watch the painting of the pixels- steady hands only for those straight lines!


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