NATURE SHORT 1 - Emma Molony (printing with paint)

Published on: 
21 April 2020

Our first NATURE SHORT shows artist designer Emma Molony using paints from her LOLA art kit to make simple prints of plants using paints.

Emma Molony is an artist designer living and working in East Devon. Emma worked at THG for six years and developed our ongoing relationship with East Devon AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). Working with LOLA, for our Culture + Climate 2020 programme Emma developed these inspirational art kits which help us connect with nature in creative ways.

"As a printmaker, I was interested to see how they worked instead of inks to make some simple prints at home - brilliant! Great pigments and fast drying meant you could make gorgeous layered prints using found materials from our walks."

Simple printing with paint

As part of Culture + Climate 2020, we have teamed up with East Devon AONB to share NATURE SHORTS: an online series showcasing art practices which inspire, build creativity and deepen our connection with nature.

We are exploring how we can connect with nature during isolation, sharing different artistic approaches to land and space.

Printing with paints