NATURE SHORT 8- Mike Perry

Published on: 
3 June 2020

Mor Plastig (Sea of Plastic) © Eilir Pierce

Mike Perry is an artist whose work engages with significant and pressing environmental issues, in particular the tension between human interventions in the natural environment and the fragility of the planet’s ecosystems. 

Over the last 20 years his practice has focused on Britain’s National Parks and increasingly the immediate surroundings of Pembrokeshire where he lives and works, questioning the romantic mythology of national parks as areas of wilderness and natural beauty. 

Mor Plastig - a series of photographs shows objects found in the landscape at 1:1 scale, capturing the effect of nature (sea and sand) on the surfaces of industrially produced materials.

Mike comments,

"I am intrigued by the colour and shape of plastic objects and increasingly the way nature has sculpted them. Nature impacting on the man-made. The story behind the object is the more interesting element. My process has been to photograph them forensically. I want people to look closely at these objects and the way the plastic breaks down. It's a way of showing natural forces and how they sculpt our world. The power of the sea."

Mike Perry's exhibition Land/Sea is programmed for Summer 2021.


Part of Culture + Climate 2020 in partnership with East Devon AONB, NATURE SHORTS is an online series showcasing art practices which inspire, build creativity and deepen our connection with nature especially during isolation. Every Wednesday, May to June. Next NATURE SHORT: Wednesday 10 June.

Mike Perry Burnt Fertilizer bags (Fred, White and Blue) © Mike Perry