Star performances in the Lost Tales of Thelma Hulbert Gallery

Published on: 
30 August 2016

The ‘Masterpieces’ Youth Group at Thelma Hulbert Gallery and Honiton’s SWITCH group joined up with Devon’s Theatre Rush to devise and perform ‘The Lost Tales of Thelma Hulbert Gallery’ at the Honiton gallery.

The children involved the audience in the performances, which took place around the gallery and the garden revealing the mysteries of Elmfield House where the gallery is based.

Theatre Rush is renowned for working with local tales and helped the children bring to life the fascinating stories uncovered during a Heritage Lottery funded project delving into the history of the house.

Georgia Kyriacou commented “What an amazing tour of the house and its history! We really enjoyed it, lots of fun and some poignant bits too! Excellent!”

Betty Madden said “I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this performance - it cheered me up. It was a fun experience for everyone.”

Theatre Rush cast and audience Group artwork duing the Lost Tales of Thelma Hulbert Gallery Theatre Rush performance in the Thelma Hulbert Gallery Garden