A mesmerising film by performer Tom Bailey and his theatre group Mechanimal.  'Zugunruhe', an ornithological term for ‘migratory restlessness in birds’, explores the incredible flight of a marsh warbler, the world’s only bird whose song echoes its migration route. 

Rehearsing among birds in the wetlands of Somerset, Bailey creates a feast of bird behaviour alongside a digital sound map of the marsh warbler’s journey.  The original performance, a Herald award winner at the Edinburgh Fringe, is reimagined here for an online audience.

"I’ve been making work about the natural world for a few years now, exploring the representation of non-human life on stage, a way to ‘meet’ the animal, physically, rhythmically, emotionally, in my body and imagination. But now rethinking how it might translate for an online audience. Zugunruhe is a mix of fun, movement, sadness, laughter, beautiful sound… I hope this is a space to reflect on the impact we are having on our changing planet." Tom Bailey

View the full performance here. We advise that you listen to the piece on headphones. 

Support art : If you have enjoyed the show, Tom would be very grateful if you could give a donation to support his company here -

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