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Hidden In Plain Sight - DRLC art workshops

21 September 2021 to 12 October 2021


Course led by Devon Recovery Learning Community aiming to increase confidence in attending an art gallery environment and allowing the group to meet safely in a socially relaxed context.

The benefits of discovering more about how frequently 'the hidden' occurs in art and has done for many years can also be reassuring and confidence boosting.

3.30 - 4.30pm

4 week, in-person course with tutors Judith Jones, Anna Aroussi and Ali Holdstock: Tuesday 21st September, 28th September, 5th and 12th October.

Utilising the concept of ‘In Plain Sight’, (the exhibition title) as a means of reaching out to discuss or explore how the process of creating art can allow individuals to express issues or feelings that may be difficult to verbally discuss. These are informal sessions where a variety of art and craft forms can be used to create an image or piece of work where perhaps the participant has hidden something or expressed some feeling they may not wish to discuss, or reveal to others.

With access to the exhibition and the range of artwork within it, we will be working in a well ventilated space, (with a view to ensuring maximum Covid safety). We will also look at how this concept has a rich historical background whereby religious beliefs, political views and forbidden love have all been expressed but hidden within many forms of art.


For course enquiries. please contact DRLC. You must be registered on their site to book DRLC courses.

Photo credit © Judith Jones

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