Landscapes in Time

2023 creative programme

LANDSCAPES IN TIME This year, we are exploring change in natural landscapes and land use, revealing a multitude of stories and connections which cut through time, challenging our perception and posing environmental and social questions. Through a programme of exhibitions, projects, workshops and events, we hope to strengthen our connection to natural landscapes both near and far.

Delivered in partnership with the University of Exeter, Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Arts and Culture Exeter University and the students at Honiton Community College and Honiton Primary.

CLIMATE CONVERSATIONS can help us discover different perspectives and create new opportunities to help us understand and adapt to our changing planet through the lens of art and culture.

THG OUT + ABOUT is our way of bringing the benefits of cultural activities out of the gallery, direct to the residents of East Devon. 

EAST DEVON + BLACKDOWN HILLS AONBs - working in partnership to deliver access, enjoyment and understanding of the countryside to improve metal and physical wellbeing.